Tabasco Trade Ads

About This Project

Raising Awareness
of TABASCO on an
Industrial Scale


Whilst TABASCO is well recognized as the little bottle on the supermarket shelf, few are aware that it is also available on an industrial scale. TABASCO was looking to drive sales within the manufacturing industry by encouraging potential partners to consider using TABASCO in their products.  The aim was to convey the scale which TABASCO is produced on in order to raise awareness that TABASCO comes in much more than a little bottle, and is perfect for the manufacturing industry due to its consistency of heat. Unlike using fresh, dried or frozen chillies, TABASCO’s unique process means that it always tastes the same, whether it’s from a 60ml bottle or a 50-gallon drum.


The advertising ran from November 2012 to January 2013. The chillies visual was made with a high-res photo of the chilli plant combined with 3d models of a 50-gallon drum.


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