About This Project

I had the pleasure to work on many great titles released by Sony Pictures and Universal. My job focused on setting direction and creating the initial look and styling for all the digital activities surrounding the release of the new film. The visuals, ideas and effects were then used by motion designers and social content producers to create content across various digital media platforms.


Many of the visual executions were very successful and were brought to real life and printed. Jumanji, The Passengers, Hotel Transylvania and Peter Rabbit are just a few examples.


I also designed rich media campaigns (Fury, Spiderman, After Earth), online games (Skyfall, Mission Impossible 5) and desktop applications (Annie, Blacklist, Resident Evil).


All of the above projects become extremely successful. For Skyfall, I designed a YouTube interactive masthead developed with Google – which effectively turned a handset into a video game controller – that allowed the player to control Bond’s motorbike in an exciting chase sequence – a true world first. Under a week before release, the placement attracted a massive 16.5 million hits. It also clocked up a total of 165,520 hours in display time and a 0.33% Click Through Rate – far exceeding the YouTube benchmark of 0.1% and a fantastic 15.98% interaction rate – 11 x higher than YouTube’s benchmark. I was responsible for all the initial visuals for the game. I also created a similar project for Mission Impossible 5, where I was responsible for the concept, creative direction and design. This campaign delivered over 32 million impressions with over 400,000 clicks to view the trailer.


I was also involved in similar projects for the music artists Westlife, Carly Rae and The Beatles.


Typography, Visual FX