About This Project

The path to better



Online therapy is a new form of therapy.  It’s designed to give you easy access to psychological therapies through face to face video sessions with online psychologists or psychiatrists wherever you are, whenever you choose, with all the professionalism and personalisation of a face to face physical mental health clinic.


The challenge was to create a whole brand and an online platform, offering accessible and affordable therapies, integrated with downloadable IOS and Android apps. The time frame and budget were very limited and the app was in the early development stage. As it was the brainchild of a team from The Chelsea Psychology, a well established and recognised clinic, they also wanted to maintain the prestigious look and authority that set them apart from other competitors.


The solution was Myonlinetherapy – a simple and direct name and design elements reflecting “the path to better” strapline. Instead of developing CMS platform from scratch, the website was based on a responsive WordPress template. Fully re-skinned and with expanded functionality. To meet the tight deadlines we also divided the launch into 2 phases.  One when the brand, concept and educational zone was launched to the public and the second where the website was fully integrated with the App, psychologists were recruited and the blog was full of content.


I designed the homepage in just under 7 hours and the design of phase one was done within 2 days. Technologies that were used for the build were:

  • jQuery
  • GreenSock (GSAP)
  • Sass
  • JavaScript
  • CSS 3
  • HTML 5

The whole web experience was accompanied by introduction and walkthrough videos. I also designed a booklet aimed to recruit HCPC psychologists and content for the ongoing blog updates.

key responsibilities

Design, Art Direction, Website, UX, UI, Branding, Digital Advertising, Illustrations, Print, Retouching, Concepting

Digital, Website