About This Project

Divine – Seriously good chocolate



Divine chocolate is one of the precursors of the fairtrade trend but somehow stayed under the radar of the consumers. My job was to commence an audit of the brand, enhance the potential that spans across both its UK and US existing marketing presence and ultimately bring a solution which repositions the brand to be more accessible to a broader audience. 


This resulted in a new brand strategy, and a whole new campaign spanning various media. Their entire identity was refreshed. Created, were virtual scenes that put the product into the spotlight. Print executions covered outdoor, shop windows, posters and press advertising. Digital was covered in social media both as static and video.


One of the biggest challenges was limited resources and a budget for ongoing executions. Instead of using expensive photography, styling, retouching and time consuming 3D modelling, I created a digital workflow based on photoshop presets, actions and very limited flat assets which allowed the internal team to streamline and simplify the process and produce high-quality executions very quickly, with limited software knowledge. PDF guides were supplied as a part of the brand guideline bundle.


The response was overwhelming. Sales, trade and partners were demanding to use new campaign assets long before they were officially commissioned.

Branding, Outdoor, Social media