About This Project

The Grand Taste Adventure


Ballymaloe Relish is an Irish household staple. They had recently made their way into Tesco and Ocado in the UK but didn’t have the brand recognition they deserved. My challenge was to increase awareness of their absolutely delicious and organic relish by engaging with potential new fans.


The idea: Every year the Ballymaloe team go on an annual sampling tour of the UK, I wanted to leverage thisexperiential activity and bring it to life on their social channels. ‘The Grand Ballymaloe Taste Adventure’was born! A fun-filled road trip – with a specially branded van, travelling around the UK’s finest food festivals, seeking out the best accompaniments to their original relish and sharing them with the British public.


The results: 2 Million UK foodies reached online, 14% increase in social fans, and 3000 coupon downloads so far, as well as fantastic coverage from Bloggers and Foodies.


I was responsible for every stage of this project, from creating the lockup, to artworking the car wraps and producing the social media content.

Experiential, OOH, Social media