My story


I’m a highly diverse head designer working across every possible media that is out there. I love to experiment with different techniques. I started my career in 2002 when, with a group of students, we decided to create an interactive multimedia guidebook.  As a former music producer, I knew absolutely nothing about coding, animation, 3D and was barely able to use Photoshop, but I was determined to learn every single aspect of such a diverse project. Through the design of the whole interactive experience, composing the music, coding, designing the packaging and even distributing it through our own stalls I realized that I love dealing with such a diverse spectrum of challenges. A couple of months later, this publication was awarded the title of  “Best Media publication of the year”, it started to appear in national magazine charts as a top 5 bestseller. My path as an all-around designer and creative leader was set in motion.

My experience


I have over 17 years of experience spanning across agency and in-house roles. I’ve led teams to victorious pitches and run whole campaigns single-handedly. I’ve run photoshoots, directed videos and designed for every single possible medium out there – from Apps, games, and websites to packaging and branding of shopping malls. I have worked alongside a financial department, where I developed a system dedicated to tracking, documenting and optimizing the use of freelance resources.

I am always passionate about finding and nourishing new talent and making sure that my teams have the most comfortable and stimulating environment. I never give up on people and I believe that nearly every designer or creative person is capable of delivering great work. It’s all about discovering the passion and drive and channelling it correctly.

My focus is always on a good relationship with the client, thoroughly understanding the agenda and making sure that delivered work achieves both the targeted results and delights the customer visually, regardless of the budget or sector.

My clients